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Neo Cold RCT series


Zero Ozone Depleting Potential

The ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit ‘RCT-761S’can achieve the ultra-low temperature of -100 to -140 degrees centigrade by means of the refrigerating cycle using the mixture of HFC refrigerants developed mixed independently by ShiMaywa.

The mixed refrigerant does not use the HCFC refrigerants having the ozone depletion potential.

Major Applications

Improvement of exhaust velocity of vacuuming equipment Improvement of degree of vacuum in vacuuming equipment                                                    Cooling for ultra low tenperature environment examination device

High efficiency

Very low electric power is needed for freezing and defrosting                                                                     Little cooling water is needed for operation


Features of the equipment

TWO types are lined up

F type :standard type


Maximum output temperatue                        

-140 degrees centigrade (No load)

Low noise has been realized

Lower than 67dB

Easy installation

The height of the equipment with castors being low allows easy installation, transfer and extension.

Connection joint

Standard : VCR / Option : Parker


Standard specification

Defrost (minute)※1 3.0min.
Re-cooling time (minute) ※1 5.0min.
Standard coil size (mm) / Surface area φ15.88×t1.0×40,000 / About 20,000㎠
Maximum power consumption 8.6kW (200V , 3Φ , 60/50Hz)
Recommended breaker size 30A
Operation noise (dB)※2 Lower than 67dB※3
Cooling water amount  Water temp. 15℃ 5 ℓ/min.
 Water temp. 25℃ 10 ℓ/min.
 Water temp. 30℃ 12 ℓ/min.
Coolant materials HFC system blended coolant
External dimensions (mm) 953×660×1,842
Equipment weight 460kg
※1 :Variable depending on operating conditions such as cryo-coil shape and piping length.
※2 :The indicated values are for the case of the standard cryo-coil, with the connection piping length of 2.4m,

and the standard water amount.
The operation noise level is measured at a position 1 meter away from the equipment, and 1.5 meter high.

※3Lower than 70dB for activation only. :

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